Frequently Asked Questions


When should I contact a bookkeeper?

As soon as you start to think about your business, a bookkeeper can help you take the next steps.  We can help determine your preferred business structure, while making sure to track your startup expenses accurately.  Hiring a bookkeeper prior to or at the beginning of your initial business planning can help build a solid foundation for future success.


How will hiring a bookkeeper help me and my business?

First and foremost, a bookkeeper will save you time.  Hiring a qualified bookkeeper will take a load off of your shoulders and free up your most valuable resource as a business owner, so that you can focus on the areas of your business that you have expertise in.


How can I know which bookkeeper is right for me?

Does your bookkeeper return your calls? Do you feel comfortable asking them a question? Do you feel heard? With the right bookkeeper, the answers should be a resounding "Yes!"